Will Smith Goes Scuba Diving With Sharks In “Will Smith: Off The Deep End”

Will had the chance to confront his fears as the Discovery’s Shark Week continued with Will Smith as this weeks special guest on the show on this episode tagged Will Smith: Off the Deep End. 

Will Smith revealed that his absolute fear for water began since his childhood, and that he didn’t learn to swim until his 40’s. He also attributed a majority of the fear’s origin to Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece, Jaws

“I blame Steven Spielberg,” said Smith. “I was literally scared in the bathtub. I literally felt like a shark could come out of the spout.”

Will Smith has recently become a dare-Devil with these challenges. He recently overcame his fear for heights when he accepted a sky diving challenge for his 50th birthday.

As Smith has gotten older and wiser over the years, he has made it a point to overcome his fears. So he decided to learn how to scuba dive and swim with sharks. Smith documented a series of dives, culminating with a terrifying swim with a tiger shark.

“I am a firm believer that fear creates the greatest atrocities and evils that have ever been committed on this planet,” Smith said while sitting on the ocean floor surrounded by sharks. “Fear is poison and I’m gonna cleanse mine.”

Smith believes he has gained a new status after achieving this feat, “There was Will Smith before the sharks and there is Will Smith after the sharks.” He said..

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