WHO Advices African Leaders To Act Fast, “COVID-19 Cure Could Linger For Years”

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After the discovery of Corona virus is a Chinese city “Wuhan” in December last year, WHO (World Health Organization) has since declared it a pandemic.

All African countries have since recorded varying number of cases of the Corona virus except Lesotho which still has none.

The World Health Organization has however warned African leaders of the potential destructive effect of the virus in African countries owning mostly to the living conditions and high poverty levels across the continent.

The coronavirus could “smolder” in Africa for years and take a high death toll across the continent, the World Health Organization has warned.

There have been more than 52,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Africa and 2,074 Corona Virus related deaths on record so far, and this could only be the beginning of what could turn out to be a major disaster that tops anything on record.

The disease appears to be spreading more slowly across Africa than in Europe, according to the WHO report. Officials say that could be due to poor surveillance or less developed transport links.

“COVID-19 could become a fixture in our lives for the next several years unless a proactive approach is taken by many governments in the region. We need to test, trace, isolate and treat,” Moeti said in a video call.

Africa, which has most of its population under 20 years old, may be experiencing a slower rate of transmission, less severe cases and less deaths because the virus is known to affect the elderly at a much deadlier rate.

But Africa could see a more prolonged outbreak that lasts a few years, according to the study. Algeria, South Africa and Cameroon as well as several smaller African countries are at high risk if containment measures are not prioritized, it said.

Africa has an average of nine intensive care unit beds per 1 million people, according to a recent WHO survey. These would be “woefully inadequate,” the new report said.

While some African countries have started implementing various means of suppressing the disease, WHO advices that more measure needs to be taken to ensure the death toll or infection rates do not reach the levels recorded in Europe.

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