Video: The Colorado Police Department Apologizes For Harassing A Black Family Including A Six Years Old At Gunpoint.

A video had gone viral earlier this week showing an incident between Colorado police and a family of five, a six years old girl, a 12years, a 14years, a 17years old and an adult woman.

According to the reports, they family were sitting in the car at the parking lot after a day at the spa when the police pull them out of the car at gunpoint on the premise that the car might have been stolen.

The video showed the entire family including the kids in handcuff lying face down while the police interrogated them.

The Aurora Police department had been previously implicated in a similar incident involving the heartbreaking death of Elijah McCain .

Black family put the ground by armed police

After the heinous ordeal and frightening experience for the kids, the police department concluded that the vehicle was mistaken for a different one and the family indeed owned the vehicle.

The Aurora police department came through with an apology to the family, but the family has refused to accept an apology and had thus requested that further measure be taken to prevent such harassments in the future as this as become a common incident for black families living in America.

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