Video Shows How White Officer Tasered A Black Woman For “Talking Too Loud” On Her Front Porch.

A police officer in Gwinnett County, Georgia is currently under investigation after a viral video clip has circulated on social media showing him tasering a woman “Kyndesia Smith” on her front porch for allegedly “talking too loud”.

According to reports, the white police officer whose name is Michael Oxford, responded to a call from a neighbor of a disturbance in the neighborhood and the situation quickly got out of hand.

The shock from the taser knocks the 22 years old into the bushes of her mother’s Logan Ville home.

Police said Smith continued to resist arrest. Two minutes later, the video shows the officer shoving Smith into the back of the car when Smith appears to kick him.

It happened as Smith’s mother, Aytra Thomas, saw it all.

“He should get fired because he needs more training,” Thomas told Channel 2′s Matt Johnson on Thursday night. “Her side where the Taser went at is messed up. Her neck, her back, my shoulder. It ain’t have to go that way. It could have gone a whole other way.”

It all started when police said Thomas and a neighbor had a dispute Tuesday evening.

“He had seen surveillance from the incident, and that’s how he recognized this woman,” Cpl. Collin Flynn with the Gwinnett County Police Department said.

When the officer went to the house on Summit Creek Way, the department reported Smith wouldn’t let the officer ask questions.

“He then warned her that she would be tasered. She continued to resist, and she was tasered,” Flynn said.

Thomas said the officer was aggressive from the moment he approached them.

“When he came up, he said, ‘Y’all need to shut the f— up,’” Thomas said.

When Johnson asked Thomas if her daughter threw anything or threatened anyone, she said: “No. That’s not true.”

Thomas said the Taser should have never been used, especially while the officer was so close to her.

Smith now faces charges for felony obstruction and simple battery of a law enforcement officer.

The officer at the center of the arrest is now on administrative leave. His actions are being investigated.

For Smith’s family, they said there should be consequences for the officer.

Timi Olaniyi

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