Texas Man Stunned To Find A Huge Slimy Sneaky Snake In His Toilet.

Snake in the toilet

A man said to be Gus West found a snake in his toilet.

Gus West who lives in Abilene, Texas has been going viral after claiming he found a snake in the toilet and posting on Facebook.

Gus wrote; “Had a little visitor at the house today”. He has no idea how this happened; he says the snake is non-venomous and is five feet, but every time something like this happens, it gives people across the internet chills. After all, it’s a toilet-user’s worst nightmare. Right?

One of his friends suggested they need to keep their clean-out valves covered to prevent things like this from happening, but West responded he has screens on his pipes.

“idk how he got in there”.

He also assured snakes and reptiles lovers, the snake was not harmed, he tells KHOU 11 News.

He says the bull snake was retrieved with a golf club, which you can briefly see in the video, and then they put it in the backyard.

“Good for Rats”, he added.

Timi Olaniyi

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