NBA Youngboy Arrested With 15 Others On Gun, Drug Charges In Louisiana

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A total of 16 people were arrested Monday night in East Baton Rouge Parish, including the rapper NBA YoungBoy.

His name means Never Broke Again but it appears that NBA YoungBoy wasn’t confident that a hip-hop career could fulfill his financial goals. According to multiple reports, the 20-year-old rap star born Kentrell DeSean Gaulden was arrested in Louisiana yesterday in a raid that scooped up 15 other people in Gaulden’s Baton Rouge hometown.

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Police were called to an abandoned property on Chippewa Street around 4:30 p.m. in response to reports of a large group of individuals brandishing firearms and filming a video, according to arrest records. 

Those involved were identified as members of two street gangs, ‘Never Broke Again’ and ‘Bottom Boy Guerillas,’ according to police.

When officers arrived to the scene, three people ducked behind vehicles and fled the lot. The others were seen going to vehicles, opening doors, and shutting them before walking toward police. 

Those who fled were later apprehended about a block away from the scene. They were each detained in the back of police units due to a large crowd forming in the area.

BRPD says officers were given permission to search three of the seven vehicles at the scene. Authorities found about three grams of marijuana and one dose of Hydrocodone in a clear bag inside the vehicles.

A judge signed a search warrant for the remaining vehicles, which led officers to discover several handguns and rifles, including an AK-47. Officers also found more marijuana, digital scales, and Xanax.

Police said another seven firearms were found in the grass nearby, including one stolen out of Texas.

According to police records, the marijuana was packaged for distribution and the scales found at the scene are used for packaging and selling narcotics. Additionally, the individuals had large amounts of cash on their persons, which was seized. Gaulden, known as NBA YoungBoy, was carrying more than $47,000 at the time alone, officers said.

Although it’s unclear whether or not he was bailed out, his lawyer, James P. Manasseh, released a statement to press that read:

“It is important to remember that when someone is arrested for a crime it does not mean they are guilty of anything.

Kentrell Gaulden is innocent of the crimes he was arrested for yesterday evening. He did not possess any firearms nor did he possess any controlled dangerous substances.

Law enforcement arrived on scene without any evidence of a crime occurring and immediately detained 15-20 young black men solely based on an alleged tip that firearms were present on the scene. We still have the Second Amendment in the United States.

The immediate detention of these black men was illegal in that it violated their Constitutional rights. The subsequent searches conducted by law enforcement were also illegal.

Even with the illegal searches that were conducted, no firearms or controlled dangerous substances were found on Mr. Gaulden’s person or in his immediate control.

Mr. Gaulden is innocent of the charges he was booked on last night and looks forward to defending himself as such,” the statement concluded.

As his lawyer stated, Gaulden is a suspect but has not been convicted of any crime. However, he has faced charges in the past. As the New York times reported, at 17, he was charged with aggravated assault with a firearm, pleading guilty in that case. Last year, he spent 90 days in jail after his arrest after a shootout in Florida.

Gaulden, now 20, told the judge in his 2017 case that he was trying to do better.

“I was trying to tell her like, I’m changed and I’m trying to do better,” he told a reporter from the Fader in 2017. “I’m trying to do the right fuckin’ thing. I just can’t do stupid shit. But it’s scary — you be scared to do anything.”

Gaulden has also had some drama with the women in his life, which culminated in the arrest of Yaya Mayweather, Floyd Mayweather‘s 19-year-old daughter. In April, she is alleged to have stabbed one of Gaulden’s children’s mothers. Now it appears she is also pregnant as Mayweather revealed what appeared to be a baby bump just hours after Gaulden’s arrest.

However, if Mayweather is pregnant, no one from his camp or hers has confirmed the baby was fathered by Gaulden.

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