How To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle.

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I was able to talk to a group of teenagers on the topic ‘the healthy lifestyle of an effulgent teen’  I made them understand that the word effulgence means shining and radiating. For anyone to shine, there must be health.

Herophillus said “when health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless and intelligence cannot be applied”.

I was able to  add to this that, to shine and be effulgent will be impossible without health. There cannot be an effulgence without health, hence an effulgent, successful, prospering individual is definitely in health. 

A lifestyle is what you are in public or in secret places. What you will do even when no one is watching that can have any impact at all on your health is what I am trying to consider in relation to whether it makes you healthy or more prone to illnesses.

Your lifestyle is greatly influenced by your interest, thought, behavior and attitude. To shine and be successful, your lifestyle and its entirety must be healthy. 

Health is having to do with the totality of what an individual is. Health is a state of complete physical, social and mental well-being and not merely the absence of diseases and infirmities.

We should therefore understand that diseases and infirmities are not only having to do with the physical (the body) and their absence does not determine health rather a sense of wholeness in the body, mind and socially.

On your way to success, You must maintain the following healthy lifestyles.
  1. Exercise your body: This is achieved by not necessarily registering in a gym, but engaging in activities that will shed off some weight, reduce fats and keep your body fit. The world health organization recommends that a 30min brief walk done 3 times a week is enough as an adequate exercise. You must know that consistency is a key factor and you must be deliberate to do this. Other activities can also suffice, do some running, skipping, house chores, take a walk down the street. 
  2. Eat healthy food: Healthy food is usually the cheapest, again one must be able to act deliberately in cooking healthy food and having a healthy plate. The culture of one plate of rice and one piece of meat won’t do. It is better to have a  half of your plate filled  with vegetables and then make the rice or swallow just a quarter and the remaining quarter should be left for meat or fish or egg. Refined sugars should be avoided also, pay attention to salt in your diet and avoid salts shakers on the table. Avoid binge eating (eating so much at a time) but you can take little meals more frequently. Make healthy eating your lifestyle. 
  3. Take enough water: Do you know that the most of our body composition is water? You should know that there are many compartments in our body whose major content is water. Water is essential, the reduction of water in those spaces will give one symptom or the other. The brain, the eyes, the lungs, the intestines are all suspended in water. Inside each of about 206 joints in our body is water. Water is essential. A volume of 3litres per day has been recommended as adequate for an adult. This can be adjusted according to the atmospheric condition. 
  4. Avoid self medication: This is when you take a medicine that you do not know fully  about its usage, side effects and required dosages. It is better to seek prescription from a trained person (usually a doctor) or you at least read about the medicine you are swallowing. Continuously self medicating can lead to abuse, hence possible dependency and at worse of it, severe reaction to the medication. Limit the intake of alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs. 
  5. Avoid harmful Sexual practices: Sex becomes harmful if partners are not faithful and if in suspected unfaithfulness,the sex is unprotected. There are so many Sexually transmitted diseases out there and they are largely preventable. 
  6. Take care of your mouth. The dentist will say that there is no health without oral health. In this light, it is advisable to brush twice daily, avoid heavy carbohydrate meals close to bed and go for dental check up at least once a year. 
  7. Vaccination: Prevention they say is better than cure. At the foremost of prevention of diseases that can spread from one person to another is vaccination. Diseases common in an adult that can be prevented by a vaccine include:

Hepatitis A and B

Cervical cancer

Typhoid enteritis


These diseases have vaccines that can confer a life-long immunity. As for children, following the national program for immunization is wise. 

  1. Good sleep hygiene: Getting adequate sleep can sometimes be the best medicine. A sleep of about 6hrs daily is good for an adult while up to 8hrs in a teenager is considered adequate. 
  2. Hand washing: The hands are very important in disease prevention. Good hand hygiene will prevent many diseases. Wash hands after visiting the toilet, before eating, on getting home from outside, after visiting a sick person, before cooking, before touching your face and when necessary. 
  3. Regular medical check – up: checking up on your health can help detect a chronic disease early enough for prompt initiation of treatment. If you notice any strange thing in your body, let a doctor check with you. 
Just because there’s no health without mental health, in having to do with the mind, there are lifestyles that are termed healthy. 
Practice meditation
  1. Meditate on possibilities and practice positive affirmation. Be positive at all times. 
  2. Take one step at a time in life, avoid being stressed and worked up. 
  3. Read books to keep your mind fresh and motivated. 
  4. Ask for help when needed, do not be independent all the time, it’s good to have someone to lean on. 
  5. Understand yourself and be comfortable with who you are. Celebrate yourself more than anyone would. 
  6. Be media smart, do not let social media control you or dictate your mood and affect. 
  7. Emotional intelligence is needed to keep your mind glowing and going. 
  8. Show love to others, have friends and have fun. 

Health is wealth, without it, No one can shine, there can be no fulfillment. To stay in health however, much deliberate efforts are needed but it is possible to live a healthy lifestyle.

Written by: Dr Bolanle Aderehinwo.

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