Deziani A Hypocrite, Nigerians React To Her Yahoo Yahoo Boys Statement…

Deziani Allison Madueke went viral yesterday after a video of hers criticizing internet fraudsters (yahoo boys) was published online.

Twitter users were quick to make their feelings known about her speech of which many have come to say that she is not qualified to admonish internet fraudsters or take a moral high ground.

Deziani Madueke is a former petroleum minister in Nigeria during the former president Goodluck Jonathan’s tenure. Deziani during her time was accused of misappropriation of public fund rounding up into billions of dollars.

Following her appearance in the video where she condemned the actions of yahoo boys, Nigerians have tagged her “the kettle calling the pot black.”.

A lot of twitter users including celebrities didn’t hesitate to state their opinions using their various mediums.

Aremu Afolayan took to his instagram to air his opinion on Allison Madueke;

Falz The bahd Guy also had some things to say to Deziani “You are on the run but you mouth is still running, who be yahoo yahoo boys if not you?” He said

There have been no response from Deziani after the internet backlash

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