By Pounah Dennis Arogbo Ijaw Ibe is located in Ese-Odo Local Government area of Ondo State.The Arogbo Ijaw people are peace loving people. Their major occupation is fishing, tapping of raffia palm and trading. They shares boundary with their neighbors at Ilaje Local Government council area. The most unique Ijaw […]

Quirky comedy “Schitt’s Creek,” media family saga “Succession,” and dystopian drama “Watchmen” dominated the Emmy Awards on Sunday in a show where the coronavirus pandemic meant most celebrities took part from their sofas and backyards dressed in a variety of gowns, hoodies and sleepwear.ADVERTISING “Hello, and welcome to the PandEmmys!,” […]

By Emmanuel Goto The chirping bird tells more of my country fairBut mama beats the tale aloud Like the drum of the town criersWith rhythm in the verseRyhming the soprano and the cymbals. Papa and mama will not paint this,I will stain my ink to tell the taleOf my country […]

By Emmanuel Goto The Wuhan war dispersed to make ruleLike the legislature in my climeAs the heat hits the globe,The rustling wind emerged in chilled and scorchingFor we hungered to espy the wrapped tomorrow. The howling sound pierced me the moreWhen the waves of the sea were furlingWe etched to […]


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