Dr. Bolanle Aderehinwo. Individuals differ, children of the same mother and father differ in the entire combinations of their genetic make-up. No 2 siblings have exactly the same sets of chromosomes except the identical twins. We have heard about the influence of nature and nurture in growth and development and […]

By Dr. Bolanle Aderehinwo. Introduction A child is said to be Premature if it is born before 37 completed weeks of gestational life likewise is anything that happened before the time allotted for it. Researches have shown that the average age for menopause is 51yrs and that complete cessation of […]

Introduction  Every living thing has genetic composition that must be complete in numbers and in structure for proper functioning and compatibility with life. Humans may be born with genetic abnormalities, some which may not allow the child to continue living or cause serious defects immediately after birth or later in […]

Do we know that women after menopause (post menopausal) are more at risk of hypertension than premenopausal women? I will be focusing on hypertension from a post menopausal view in this article.  Menopause is said to be attained when there’s lack of Menstrual flow for 12 month completed. The average […]

Dr Bolanle Aderehinwo I saw a child somewhere last month in a clinic, a 6month old with so many boils all over her and I mean almost everywhere, on her head, arms, hands and chest. The mother said she has been like that from 3 months old and that the […]

By Pounah Denis Integrity as a type of values in sociological studies is defined as “an undivided or unbroken completeness or totality with nothing wanting” According to Advanced English Dictionary. It is also defined as moral soundness of an individual. Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong […]

By Pounah Dennis Arogbo Ijaw Ibe is located in Ese-Odo Local Government area of Ondo State.The Arogbo Ijaw people are peace loving people. Their major occupation is fishing, tapping of raffia palm and trading. They shares boundary with their neighbors at Ilaje Local Government council area. The most unique Ijaw […]

By Pounah Dennis Ese- Odo Local Government Area is located at the coastal area of Ondo State in the Niger Delta Region with the Headquarters at Igbekebo. The Local Council area was created in 1996 by the then military government. It comprises the Arogbo Ijaws and the Ijaw Apois who […]

Dr. Bolanle Aderehinwo Do you know that a woman’s level of cleanliness may become very obvious during menstruation and can be disgusting if such a woman knows little or nothing about menstrual hygiene?  Imagine being stained after standing up in a public bus or you were in a party and […]


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