Cardi B Lashes Back At Candice Owens, Refuses To Be Bullied For Speaking Against Trump.

Cardi B takes to her Instagram to blast Trump-supporting, Candace Owens. The “WAP” singer donated 12 minutes out of her very busy life to thrash the Republican bully.

Cardi B had time on her hands Sunday night when she posted a stinging video message to conservative personality Candace Owens.

Candace Owens replied claiming, among other things, that more Black men kill white men.

Cardi B didn’t let her slide as she immediately replied her.

The Grammy award-winning performer, who refused to show her face on camera because she was under the weather, held nothing back in her address to Owens, who Cardi accused of harassing her online for her support of the Democratic Party.

“I don’t know why the devil been f**king trying me today but I’m going to give demons a response,” the Bronx rapper said in the opening of the video.

Cardi B, real name Belcalis Almánzar, said that Trump supporters had been harassing her online due to her previous endorsement of Bernie Sanders during the Democratic primary and later of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Trump supporters like Candace Owens and Fox News, Cardi said, had been targeting her for her politics and recently doing a sit-down interview with Biden.

“Why wouldn’t Joe Biden sit down with me? I have millions of followers and I pay millions in taxes … I’m heard all around the word,” she said. “The same way I get people to pop their p***y and have a good time and make them feel like a bad bitch — I can also encourage millions of followers to go vote.”

Prompted by a racially motivated attack on her sister Hennessy, a Lesbian Afro-LatinX woman, Cardi finally addressed the harassment that has been plaguing her on social and broadcast media, ever since she started using her voice and platform to defeat Donald Trump in this upcoming election.

The GRAMMY Award-winning rapper should have been celebrating the Balenciaga endorsement deal that she just secured or nursing her cold, maybe taking care of her child, but instead she sharing with her fans what Trump supporters have been doing to her.

Many mock her for the way she speaks and tease her as if she has no value greater than that of an entertainment industry commodity, but even in her broken English, she shuts them down — reaching into the heart of Americans.

Timi Olaniyi

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