Australia China relations strain as journalist is arrested.

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As relations between China and Australia continue to worsen, China has repeatedly accused Australia of interfering in its internal affairs with its criticism of the country’s human rights record and Beijing’s crackdown on foreign media outlets.

Relations between the two nations worsened further in April when Canberra called for an international inquiry into the origins of coronavirus.

China is Australia’s top trading partner. Last year, trade between the two countries was worth $170 billion (€143 billion), according to Australian government statistics.

However that could very soon change as Australian TV Anchor Chengi Lei was detained with respect to ‘national security’ by the Chinese.

China’s Foreign Ministry has accused Cheng Lei of carrying out “criminal activities,” in the first official comments on the case since the reporter’s arrest. Beijing has said the journalist’s rights are “guaranteed.”

On Tuesday China commented on Cheng’s detention for the first time since August 14 when she was detained. Cheng’s detention detention put more strains on the already fragile relations.

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