Advert Rates

Blessing towing Company
SLOT NAME SIZE  (PIXELS) Price (weekly) VAT Exclusive Political (VAT Exclusive)
Gold Banner 180 x 90 N382,500 N497,250
Platinum Slide Banner 300 x 250 N382,500 N497,250
Diamond Banner 728 x 90 N340,000 N442,000
Silver Banner 728 x 90 N212,500 N276,250
Bronze Billboard 1 728 x 90 N425,000 N552,500
Bronze Billboard 2 970 x 250 N595,000 N773,500
Story Break-ins (Para 10) 468 x 60 N382,500 N497,250
Story Break-ins (Para 20) 468 x 60 N297,500 N386,750
Story Break-ins (Para 32) 468 x 60 N212,500 N276,250
Video Ad 300 x 250 (Expandable) N255,000 (60 Sec.Video Adv.) Check on Adv. Political
Advertorials   N170,000  
Classified 250 x 250 N4,250  

SPECIAL PROJECT : Documentaries, Event Coverage, Special reports, Photo Splash/Gallery

ADVERT ISING:  Social Media                                                                    

Our Presence:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram                                                                                     

What we offer

Platform Frequency (Per day) Price (VAT Exclusive)
Facebook 2 Posts N85,000
Twitter 5 Tweets N85,000
Instagram Photos (Up to 10) 42,500
  Video (60 sec) N85,000

                                                                                                                                           Post Pricing: Facebook & Twitter

Platform Frequency Price
Facebook 1 Hour N127,500
Twitter 1 Hour N85,000

VAT is exclusive on all prices.                                        

ADVERTISING:  POLITICAL ( Premiun  | Compact  | Classic )                                                                                                         

Our Offer Premium (2months) Compact (1 month) Classic (1 month)    
Profiling 1 1 1    
Interviews 2 1 1    
Features 3 2 1    
Press Release 10 6 3    
Banner 8 weeks 4 weeks 2 weeks    
Video (60sec) 4 weeks 2 weeks 1 week    
    8 weeks 4 weeks 4 weeks  
  Unit Price Premium Compact  Classic Single Package
Profiling N255,000 N255,000 N255,000 N255,000 N357,000
Interviews N212,500 N425,000 N212,500 N212,500 N297,500
Features N212,500 N637,500 N425,000 N212,500 N297,500
Press release N127,500 N1,275,000 N765,000 N382,500 N178,500
Banner N382,500 N3,060,000 N1,530,000 N765,000 N535,500
Videos N212,500 N850,000 N425,000 N212,500 N297,500

VAT is exclusive on all prices

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