A Compendium On Integrity

By Pounah Denis

Integrity as a type of values in sociological studies is defined as “an undivided or unbroken completeness or totality with nothing wanting” According to Advanced English Dictionary.

It is also defined as moral soundness of an individual. Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

It can also be seen as the state of being whole and not divided. Relying on the above definitions, It is reasonable and accurate to say that someone with undivided or unbroken completeness of behavior or attitude is said to have Integrity which comprises every facet of his/her life and endeavors.

Facets such as Business life, political, social, bureaucracy, moral, etc. In all the above concepts, a man with Integrity is expected to be undivided or to be complete without wanting, in even an atom.

The concept Integrity in sociological studies is seen to be very costly in practical terms relating it with human attitudinal displays. In the African setting and especially in the Nigerian political arena, Integrity is the most costly quality which political gladiators could not afford to earn.

It is always cumbersome to find a politician with Integrity in Nigeria, I mean the current crop of politicians since 1999.

Some times in the year 2018, a Comrade friend of mine had an argument with me that a prominent politician at the South Western Region of Nigeria, who is also interested in 2023 Presidential election has Integrity and my friend gave his supportive and corroborating points.

But in spite of that, I refused to succumb and we ended the social media platform argument. Getting to year 2020, as my Comrade friend finds out revelations of the politician in respect of  his political undertakings, He is now singing a new song which is not audible and palatable to the politician and his hardened loyalists.

To have complete moral soundness (Integrity) pays as much as we are not living a segregated life. Fortunes and peace of mind comes to persons that upholds or lives a life of integrity.

Some times in August this year, My Facebook account,”Pounah Denis” was hacked and the impostor(s) started sending business messages to my friends, pretending to be me.

In respect of the above, I received phone calls from about thirty(30) persons. All the callers and those that chatted with me on my WhatsApp page attested to the fact that, they understands that I was not the one using the Facebook account, So they ignored the fraudster, some told me that they cursed him/her for trying to tarnish my image, some said they blocked the fellow almost immediately.

As I even created a new account and made a public announcement, Many persons came up to say “Yes, I said it, It can’t be the Pounah Denis I know”.

That was “Integrity” that spoke for me, It (integrity) advocated for me, My integrity vindicated me before I even made an open declaration. Thanks to my parents for my upbringing and the discipline they inculcated in me, And the grace upon me that made me stand firmly till today.

What can people say about you in an issue? Do you live a shaky moral life? Can you always stand on your words? Can someone take yours words to the bank? If you ask someone to wait for you at a point, Would the person wait or be skeptical about your return?

These and many more questions speaks about our INTEGRITY. It is valued by millions of persons than money and materials because, a character with Integrity is wealthy.

It can’t be bought as it’s not sold any where around the globe. No one can give you integrity no matter how sweet they eulogizes you. You are to earn integrity yourself.

Integrity is one of the types of  values in every society, especially in an African society where everyone wants to see it in us. A man with Integrity will be loved by both the good, the bad and the ugly because the hatred of the bad and the ugly against the man with Integrity shall not last forever in the land of the just.

I repeat, Integrity pays!

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